Fambach is a municipality in the district Schmalkalden- Meiningen in Thuringia. Fulfilling community for Fambach is the community Breitungen / Werra.

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Fambach is in the upper Werra between Meiningen and Bad Salzungen directly on the main road 19, which has been published since the 1990s gradually to the route of the planned in the 1930s and unfinished autobahn route 85.

The municipality belongs to the district Fambach Heßles.


For the first time the church was mentioned in records in 1183 as Vanebach. The Todenwarth castle was already mentioned in 1185 as a fortification. 1456 enfeoffed to the WOLFFs of Todenwarth with the castle. This Burgvögte were later barons and sat up in the 19th century in the fortification. The irregular quadrangular castle was the gateway to the Landwehr in the room Schmalkalden. The road once led directly through the system. A emigrated to the United States Fambacherin Katherina Krech donated the first Fambacher community center with sister station, toddlers school room, the rooms of the Women's Association and the Biebelstunde, it was consecrated as " Katharienenheim " on 10 November 1912.

On 1 December 2008, the formerly independent municipality Heßles was incorporated into the municipality Fambach.

Population Development

Development of the Population:


Parish council

The municipal council of Fambach consists of 14 council women and councilors.

  • CDU 5 seats
  • BI SPD 5 seats
  • SV Fambach 2 seats
  • The left 2 seats

(As at municipal election on June 27, 2004)


The honorary mayor Jürgen Herrmann ( BI / SPD) was elected on November 4, 2012, after Ronny Römhild Mayor of Breitungen was.

Coat of arms

" Square of blue and gold; in field 1 of a green lime tree in field 2 and 3 two silver stakes in box 4 a red wolf with silver armor "

In 1950 the Municipality of Fambach an official seal with a lime tree in the center and the inscription: Municipality Fambach. The municipal council laid 1991, to use this stamp as a temporary coat of arms. Walter nickel from Roßdorf accepted the commission to design a new coat of arms. In January 1995, the municipality Fambach received approval to conduct this coat of arms.

Culture and sights

Regular events

Mid-September is always three days fair in the town.