Fame (Duo)

The singing duo Fame represented Sweden at the 2003 Euro Vision Song Contest.

Musical career

Fame are Jessica Andersson ( born October 27, 1973 in Västergötland ) and Magnus Bäcklund ( born November 16, 1965 in Värmland ). The group grew out of the television talent show Fame Factory (similar to Pop Idol and Germany sucht den Superstar ). Magnus Backlund won the first season in the fall of 2002, while Jessica Andersson retired and her son Liam brought to the world.

The Swedish television producer and director Bert Karlsson plate had then the idea of forming a duo of Andersson and Backlund. As a "Fame" the two took on 15 March 2003 with the song Give Me Your Love at Melodifestivalen, the Swedish preselection for the Euro Vision Song Contest, part, won by a clear margin, leaving former Melodifestivalen winner as Jill Johnson and Jan Johansen significantly behind itself. On 24 May 2003, thus representing Sweden at the Euro Vision Song Contest in Riga and there occupied the fifth place.

In 2004 she took part in Melodifestivalen again and covered with Vindarna vänder oss sixth place. Currently Andersson and Backlund operate solo careers, and both were in each case as a solo artist at Melodifestivalen 2006. But when they were singing duo Fame, 2006, the song All in the Game of the Olympic Winter Games in Turin.



  • Give Me Your Love (2003, # 11 SE )


  • Give Me Your Love (2003, SE # 1)
  • Pop into My Heart (2003 SE # 53)
  • The Way You Love Me (2004)
  • Vindarna vänder oss (2004, SE # 23)
  • Gjorda promote varandra (2005, SE # 47)
  • All in the Game ( 2006 SE # 54)