Fanny (1961 film)

  • Leslie Caron: Fanny
  • Maurice Chevalier: Panisse
  • Charles Boyer: César
  • Horst Buchholz: Marius
  • Georgette Anys: Honorine
  • Lionel Jeffries: Monsieur Brun
  • Salvatore Baccaloni: Escartifique
  • Joel Flateau: Cesario

Fanny is an American film drama from the year 1961. The screenplay is based on a trilogy of novels by Marcel Pagnol and the eponymous musical by Harold Rome.


Honorine is a poor fishmonger who lives in Marseille in the 1930s. Her daughter Fanny loves Marius, the son of Kneipiers César. Marius desire is to go to sea. Secretly he can hire on a schooner, which goes to the Leeward Islands. On the eve of his departure, he and Fanny spend the night together. The next morning, Marius is aware of its cause no longer safe and wants to stay with Fanny. But the idea that he is on land not happy and sends him out to ensure that it reaches the ship.

A few weeks later learns Fanny that she is pregnant. She turns to the older widowed sailing merchant Panisse, who is quite wealthy. Panisse is happy to have a woman who will give birth to a son who can carry on his business. After a year, Marius returns who is disappointed of his aim. In Marseille, he attempted to gain custody of his son Cesario. Fanny and César explain to him that the boy belongs to Panisse, which is like a real father to him. Again, leaving Marius Marseille. This time, he works as a garage mechanic in a nearby city.

After years of small Cesario developed the same fondness for the sea as his biological father. On his ninth birthday a friend of Marius takes him to his father. Fanny goes behind and Marius declared that Panisse is dying. On his deathbed dictated Panisse César a letter, in which he asks Marius if he wants to marry Fanny.


The lexicon of the International film described the film as "something superficial - gefühlige American version with excellent actors. "

Bosley Crowther wrote in the New York Times, Joshua Logan made ​​the stage play to a heartwarming and delightful film.

The Variety described the film as a clever adaptation. In particular, the work of cinematographer Cardiff is enormous.

The " TimeOut Film Guide ", however, described the film as weird. Uninhibited the composition Harold Romes was cut. Pagnol trilogy had been demoted to a clumsy romance. Both were terrible and stupid. Only Cardiff's excellent camera work out.


The film was nominated for several film awards, but won none of them. He was nominated for an Academy Award in the categories of Best Film, Best Actor (Charles Boyer ), Best color camera ( Jack Cardiff ) and Best Editing ( William Reynolds ) and Best Original Score (Morris Stoloff and Harry Sukman ).

Nominations for the Golden Globe he got in the Best Picture ( Drama ), Best Actor ( Drama ) ( Maurice Chevalier ), Best Actress ( Drama ) (Leslie Caron ) and Best Original Score ( Harold Rome).

At the ceremony of the Laurel Award Jack Cardiff reached the 3rd place, the film itself the 4th Place and Leslie Caron and Charles Boyer as the lead respectively to the fifth place for his camera work.

Other nominations were for the Eddie Award by the American Cinema Editors, the DGA Award from the Directors Guild of America and the WGA Award from the Writers Guild of America.

Note: The differences between the nominations for Oscar and Golden Globe ( actor and film music) can be explained with the fact that you looked at to star in the award of the Golden Globes Maurice Chevalier, because his friend Charles Boyer had inserted a three -year hiatus, during Chevalier by was the hit movie Gigi very well known. Harold Rome was known for his songs that he wrote for the musical, nominated while were nominated at the Academy Awards Morris Stoloff as a conductor and Harry Sukman for the musical adaptation.


Had its premiere the film on June 28, 1961. In Germany he came on 15 December of the same year in the cinemas.

The film was shot on location in Marseille and Cassis. The film grossed about 4.5 million U.S. dollars.

Difficulties occurred due to the age of the protagonists. Marius is 17 years old in the movie 19, Fanny. The actor Horst Buchholz, however, 28, even 30 Leslie Caron

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