Fanny Davenport

Fanny Lily Gipsy Davenport ( born April 10, 1850 in London, United Kingdom, † September 26, 1898 in Duxbury, Massachusetts, United States) was an Anglo-American stage actress.


She was born as the daughter of actor couple Edward Loomis Davenport and Fanny Vining Davenport Elizabeth in London English. After her parents in 1854 returned to the United States, she went as a child to a public school in Boston. At the age of seven, she had her first appearance in Boston's Theatre Howard Athenæum in the role of the child Metamora.

However, your actual debut as an actress she had at the age of twelve in 1862 at the New York theater Niblo 's Garden in the role as King of Spain in the play Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady. In 1869 she became a member of the theater group of Augustin Daly and had several successful performances, including Fedora by Victorien Sardou (1883 ), Cleopatra (1890) and many other performances. They played mostly emotional Sardou roles that have been embodied in Europe from their original counterpart Sarah Bernhardt. Your last appearance was shortly before her death on March 25, 1898 in Chicago at the Grand Opera House. She died in 1899 in Duxbury, Massachusetts.


Her first husband Edwin B. Price, whom she married in 1879, was also an actor, but the couple divorced a year later. As a second husband she married in 1889 the later silent film actor Melbourne MacDowell. Fanny Davenport was the aunt of actress Dorothy Davenport.