The Italian seaside town of Fano existed since Roman times and was named at that time Fanum Fortunae. The city is filled with 63 119 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) is the third largest town in the marks and not a mere tourist destination, although it has luxurious long beaches. Fano is situated on the Adriatic mouth of the river Metauro, about 12 km southeast of Pesaro, Province of Pesaro and Urbino, Marche region.

The Via Flaminia reached the Adriatic coast at Fano. From there, led the ancient route north to Pesaro and Rimini.


Worth mentioning are the best preserved medieval and early modern city fortifications: This is especially true for the Arco d' Augusto, a Roman town gate from the year 10 after Christ's birth. Vitruvius Pollio said to have built the Basilica of Fano.

The Malatesta castle was designed by the architect Matteo Nuti mid-15th century for Sigismondo Malatesta I. and lies on the edge of the town fortifications, next to the railway. Construction began probably 1438th The castle consists of a rectangular courtyard, which is protected by ramparts and ditches. The driveway runs over a brick bridge. 1944 parts of the castle were destroyed by the Luftwaffe.


Fano is located on the A14 Adriatic Motorway, on the Strada Statale 16 Adriatica and on the railway line Bologna - Ancona. About the Strada Statale Flaminia Fano 3 is still connected to Rome today. The town has an airport for general aviation. The nearest international airports are located in Rimini and Ancona.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Clement VIII (1536-1605), Pope
  • Camillo Marcolini (1739-1814), Saxon Minister and Director General of the Arts
  • Vincenzo Rastrelli (1760-1839), composer and singing teacher
  • Alessandro Nini (1805-1880), Italian composer
  • Bruno Barilli (1880-1952), composer, journalist and writer
  • Romolo Carboni (1911-1999), Vatican diplomat
  • Giovanni Tonucci (* 1941), Vatican diplomat and prelate of Loreto


  • Germany Rastatt, Baden- Württemberg, Germany, since 1985
  • France Saint- Ouen- l'Aumône, France
  • United Kingdom St Albans, United Kingdom
  • Stříbro Czech Republic, Czech Republic