Fantasy Island

Fantasy Iceland is the title of two American fantasy series about a family gifted with magical powers millionaire on a tropical resort island. The role of the millionaire played from 1977 to 1984 Ricardo Montalban, from 1998 to 1999 Malcolm McDowell.

  • 4.1 Awards

The original series (1977-1984)

On the tropical resort island somewhere in the Pacific Fantasy Iceland ( actually filmed in California ) receives the mysterious millionaire Mr. Roarke - always cultivated and dressed in white - his guests to meet them fantastic life dreams; However, do so under the conditions that they have paid $ 50,000 for their stay before and but left the island after the fulfillment of their desire, at the latest after three days. Roarke acts as something of a psychological consultant. Upon arrival, the guests cherish most dreams of fame, wealth or youth, while they often win at the end of their journey to self-knowledge and have learned to be content with "simple", between human values. As a German equivalent of the series acted island of dreams with Rolf Henniger, which was broadcast on ZDF in 1991.

Always on Roarke's side was his assistant Tatoo, who took over the island in addition to the ringing of the bell Arrival numerous other tasks. He seemed to be Roarke's best friend, and much more - but far from everything - to know about its secrets.

As of 1980, Julie joined for some of the consequences to the staff of this island. The blonde young woman cared mainly about the hopes and dreams of children guests.

1983 left Hervé Villechaize and thus Tatoo the island and was replaced by the British butler Lawrence, who embodied exactly the opposite character of tattoo.

Each episode was following a similar pattern. After the announcement of the aircraft ( or even the balloon ) Go Roarke and Tatoo los (Julie / Lawrence) to greet the guests. While these arrive, Roarke explains the problem or concern of the person and difficulties or potential tensions already suggests. There, guests will come the first and last time together. Now the two were ( sometimes three ) tells parallel storylines alternately. At first this seems to run fine most of the wishes of the person, but then they become difficult or they realize that their dream is not so positive development as intended. At this point, Roarke engages mostly in the course and shows an approach to. In the end, everything developed for the good and the guests always leave happy. Only in a few cases, someone returned to Fantasy Iceland.

With the success of the series more and more stars from the American film and television shop wanted to appear as guest stars in the series.

151 episodes


Between 1978 and 1983, the series was nominated four times for an Emmy. 1982 Hervé Villechaize was nominated for a Golden Globe Award.


  • Ricardo Montalban: Horst Stark
  • Hervé Villechaize: Peter Heinrich

The successor series (1998-1999)

In 1998, ABC decided to produce a sequel series in now Malcolm McDowell took over the role of Roarke - usually dressed in black. This time, it was clear from the beginning that Roarke and his staff have supernatural abilities. The series should score with black humor.

New characters were created, such as the beautiful shape -shifter Ariel, who was also responsible for the creation of magical worlds on the island. The series always began with people who came by chance into a mysterious travel agency where they offered them a trip to Fantasy Iceland to solve their problems.

There have been repeated references to the old series, but the earlier success did not want to adjust. Due to lack of ratings, the show was canceled after only 13 episodes again, so planned, consistent storylines were not completed.

13 episodes


This series was nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Reel Award 1999

Projected film

On 10 May 2007 it was announced that Eddie Murphy had signed on for the role of Mr. Roarke in a work based on the original series movie. The screenplay was written by Jay Scherick and David Ronn.