Far East

With Far East (including the Far East ) refers to a region in the east of Asia. Since the expression of a Euro -centric point of view goes out and has historically been closely linked to the European imperialism, he is now mostly replaced by " East Asia ".

In the language of the British Empire Far East ( "Far East " ) called since the early 19th century all Asian territories beyond " up close " and " Middle East ". These included India, " East Indies ", Indochina, China, Japan, Korea, and " the Russian Far East ." This corresponds in modern terminology South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia. The Americans took over this concept, although seen by the United States from " Far East " is located in the west. In the British and French diplomacy and journalism, the Far East concept prevailed until the 1960s, while developed in the German and Japanese diplomacy since the mid -19th century the concept of " East Asia " and maintained. Since the end of the Vietnam War " Far East " is also in the English-speaking world clearly on the decline.

The geographical technical term, this concept has never been enforced, as there is no geo-scientific claims sufficient definition of the " Far East".

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