Farming Simulator

The Farming-Simulator is a simulation game series of the independent developer Giants Software. The first part of the series was the Farming Simulator 2008. More versions published in 2009 ( Gold Edition ), 2011 ( Platinum Edition ), 2012 ( Mobile) and 2013. The game reached a high popularity and became one of the best-selling computer games in Germany. Even in France or England, it enjoyed some popularity. It is made by the game developers Giants Software GmbH, located in Schlieren, Switzerland. The Farming Simulator 2011 sold over one million copies.


The game has two different game modes: entertaining missions and unlimited career mode. The missions here assume the role of the tutorial, during which the player can get familiar with the gameplay, the equipment and the activities and first impressions wins. Typical mission targets are, for example, processing a predetermined area of an agricultural implement or the retraction of a predetermined distance on the time.

The aim of the career mode is to rise through the management fields to a modern and successful farmer. Initially, the player starts on a farm with a few very small machines, which can be replaced during the game with the profits made against bigger machines. An economic system influences the prices achieved for the harvest. A simple weather simulation and a day - night cycle also require a bit of planning when and what activities can be carried out. The machines have refueled with fuel and the devices are filled with content such as seed. The character, however, must, as usual in simulations can not be supplied.

Since the 2013 version also animals such as cows, sheep and chickens are included, which are used in addition to the crop as another source of income. You can also enter by means of the generation of power gain. To this end, the player has many buildings such as free floating solar power plants and wind turbines available. It is also possible to operate a biogas plant as well as greenhouses and apiaries.


Since the 2011 version of a multiplayer mode is included, but there is no central server. Therefore, the connections will be established on a peer-to - peer method. To use the mode, players involved must have the same game enhancements.

Since mid-2013 there is a dedicated server version of Farming Simulator, which was funded by crowdfunding. Here players can play a software on their game server, which makes it possible to play together on the dedicated server. Furthermore, there are various pre-configured server hosters gameserver for rent, which are equipped with an installed Farming Simulator version.


By default, only original farm equipment and appliances are included. Some manufacturers, for example Deutz -Fahr, Fendt and crown. The fictional brand Lizard is used to represent models that can not be called by brand name for licensing reasons. With the help of " mods " can the Farming Simulator new cards, extend functions (eg Abfahrhelfer ), machinery, devices and objects. These so-called " LS Mods " can be inserted by drag and drop in the game. The modding scene is supported by Giants software active with a developer 's portal ( Modhub ).