Fat Actress

  • Kirstie Alley: Kirstie Alley
  • Bryan Callen Eddie Falcon
  • Rachael Harris: Kevyn Shecket
  • Kelly Preston: Quinn Taylor Scott
  • Mark Curry: Max Cooper
  • Michael McDonald: Sam Rascal

Fat Actress is an American sitcom mini-series from the year 2005 by Kirstie Alley and Scott Butler.


It tells the daily life of heavyweight, formerly successful and sought-after actress Kirstie Alley, who tries to take after her modest success in recent years in Hollywood back foot. Their biggest problem is the significant overweight, so they tried diets and other unsuccessful methods to decrease. Support it receives from Kevyn stylist and her assistant Eddie, who himself is waiting for his chance as an actor. At all costs, Kirstie will again get a commitment in a series or in a movie and constantly tries to persuade Hollywood celebrities, to give her a chance or to help.

The series is based in part on the real life of Kirstie Alley, the stories in the series, however, are fictional. Several Hollywood personalities had guest appearances, mostly represented himself:



Background and DVD Release

Fat Actress was produced by Showtime and aired from 6 March to 18 April 2005 was the first. In Germany, the series for the first time by VOX was shown from 3 to 10 April 2006. About a second season was first reported in the media, but was not followed by continuation of the series.

The pilot episode was same time as the television broadcast on Yahoo.com available free of charge via video streaming in the U.S..

The fourth episode The Carp effect was not broadcast by VOX, since the story does not fit the program of VOX and was less successful in the U.S.. The fourth showed the series in April and May 2007 completely.

On 24 May 2005 the complete series was released in the United States and Canada in a box set on two DVDs. The discs are available separately. In Germany, the series was released on DVD on 22 November 2005, much earlier than the first broadcasts on German free TV. On 27 June 2008 appeared in Germany another DVD release entitled A pfundiger fun.