Johnathan " Fatal1ty " Wendel (born 26 February 1981) is one of the first professional computer gamers ( Gamer ) of the USA and is now known far beyond the country's borders. He owes his particular skills in Quake II and Quake III Arena His call. He started in 1998 in various tournaments in the U.S., but the breakthrough came in 1999 with the accession of the Cyber ​​Athlete Professional League (CPL ).

In Dallas, he took on his first appearance CPL 3rd place and procured as her reputation. He continuously worked in the following weeks and months of his skills to eventually fly to Sweden and compete there with the 12 best Quake players. Wendel won 18 games in a row and finished the tournament without a single defeat as the winner and thus became one of the best Quake III player in the world.

Two months later we went back to Dallas, where he was to defend his title as allegedly the world's best Quake player and incidentally won $ 40,000 in prize money. Ever since the title defense, he was a regular fixture in the e-sports and over the years he has traveled the world to compete with other sizes of the Quake scene.

In 2004, he won at QuakeCon, endowed with $ 25,000 first place in Quake -like game Doom 3 and placed his class once again. Aside from playing Jonathan Wendel understood it but also still build a second pillar, if it should end with his ProGaming career. He is rewarded with his presence at various trade fairs or gaming events from various sponsors (Creative Labs, Zalman Abit etc.), which also leads now, for example, a motherboard manufacturers a product series with his name (English Brand) leads. Among them are, for example, the Fatal1ty AN8 motherboard from Abit and a headset and certain X-Fi sound card versions (eg, the X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty Pro Series) by Creative. Also Nvidia now offers the latest graphics cards, which bear the name of Fatal1ty. But even clothing with helix logo ( contains a futuristic F ) are available on the market.

In November 2004, Wendel had the chance to e-sports history to write again. The hitherto highest profit of $ 125,000, there were in the finals of him nominated by his sponsor ACON Fatal1ty Shootout in China to win, but failed Wendel said final on the 21 -year-old Chinese Meng " RocketBoy " Yang ( 4: 26). Nevertheless evaluated the spiral event in China as a great success because it could promote e-sports in China so immensely with his sponsor.

On 16 May 2005, he was the prestigious Time magazine devoted a report.

With his victory at the CPL Summer 2005 Painkiller managed Fatal1ty what was still no player succeeded before him: four CPL titles in four different games. He won the title in Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament 2003, Alien Vs. Predator 2 and Painkiller. On 22 November 2005 he finally won the Grand Finals of the CPL World Tour in Painkiller, which gave him a cash prize of U.S. $ 150,000.

Sports reporter Peter Schrager appointed spiral in an article on FOXsports.com in November 2005 for number two of the most feared athlete, right after Mike Tyson.