Father and Scout

Daddy manages them all is an American adventure film from the year 1994. The family film was first aired on October 15, 1994 on the ABC television. In Germany, he ran for the first time on 1 October 2000 on ProSieben.


The author Spencer Paley is a somewhat neurotic and deliberate on Security father, who sees the potential for injury in any action which makes his son Michael. Then his wife Donna, however, wants him to be a better male role model, she asks him to accompany Catalina Iceland on Michael at his camping trip with the class to Santa. Somewhat unwillingly takes Spencer part in it, and already begins during the drive to trip, to complain about it. Michael only wishes that Spencer complains less and especially not disgraced him. Although he promises him that, it does not take long until he starts to tear his sayings and moan again. After the ferry to the island arrives shortly after midnight and still present a walk of 45 minutes of trouble Spencers is great. So he refuses mitzuwandern and takes the girl ferry to Camp Buffalo Valley.

The next morning, his sarcasm about the bad camp is unbroken. The ex-Marine and firefighter Chet did not like Spencer's sayings and Michael admonishes his father again and again to stop. But the embarrassment hear for Michael not to, because in the subsequent archery they fail just like the pentathlon. When paddling they both move on even so bad that they are not only losing a race against a girl boat, but can capsize her 30 years old paddle boat, so Spencer has to pay for 400 U.S. dollars. When they do, then an expedition in a silver mine, Spencer breaks even because of his claustrophobia swoon. Only when they play against Chet and his son Chip basketball and get their act together, they can win something Thanks to a team effort for the first time. Thus, the dispute between Father are us son finished first, at least for now.

Because after a boisterous campfire both want in their tent. Unfortunately, it has been completely destroyed Chet. When Spencer then takes him to task, Chet replied flippantly and attacks him. Michael This feels so embarrassed that he just wants to leave. The next morning he takes, however, somewhat reluctantly, Spencer's apology and takes on the last competition, a treasure hunt in it silver mine in part. After they have fought their way through cobwebs and snakes over, they manage to find the treasure first. Only comes shortly after Chet with his son and claimed it for themselves. Again, it comes to a fight, with all four fall through the wooden floor in a cave near a deep abyss. Just because they work together, they can just get rid still in greatest need. Then Spencer and Chet tolerated. Chet is also collaborating still excellent with his son Michael as a treasure hunter and gets a bravery award. All their adventures they tell of their home Donna. But this can hardly believe what she hears. When Spencer also agrees to do more with Michael, next to a camping trip perhaps even bungee jumping, Donna tells him that he should not overdo it again.


In the Variety Tony Scott said that the film " not promising " sounds, and the " undifferentiated Director " did not help, but despite the " generally superficial Acting " it creates Saget " by its individual representation " a "real, if not sympathetic " to create figure.

The lexicon of the International film said: " Unassuming outdoor comedy in which at no time skips the spark. "