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Fatih is the capital of the district of the Turkish province of İstanbul as well as a district on the European side of İstanbul. Fatih has 2008 443.955 inhabitants according to the census, the end of December. Since 2012 is twinned with Wiesbaden.


Geographical location

The historic town of Fatih is located between the Eminönü district in the East and the Theodosian land walls in the west. Separately, the areas of our cities from Ataturk Bulvarı, an expressway that establishes a second connection to the north of the city on the Ataturk Bridge. Ataturk Bulvarı is spanned by the 4th century built Valens Aqueduct ( Bozdogan Kemeri ) connecting Fatih and Eminönü. Fatih Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror has been famous for its mosques and madrasas, and was a district of the scholars and poets.


Fatih is divided into 102 districts ( Mahalle ) and 36 districts ( Semt ), including the famous Aksaray district, Balat, Eminönü, Fener, Karagümrük, Sulukule and Topkapı.

Culture and sights

The main street of Fatih began in the Middle Ages in Philadelphion, and where today the Fatih Mosque is the second largest church of the Byzantine Empire, the Church of the Apostles was the grave of Constantine the Great. Not far from Philadelphion is the Markiansäule ( Kiztasi ).

Orthodox churches in the district, which were converted to the Ottoman centuries mosques include the Zeyrek Mosque and the Pammakaristos church. On the grounds of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople Opel is the church of Agios Georgios.

In Eminönü, a district of Fatih, which was an independent district of İstanbul previously and 2008 Fatih merged into a district, is located on the tip of the peninsula and is home to the historic center of the city with remnants of the Byzantine Imperial Palace, the ancient Basilica Cistern, the Hippodrome, the museums of the former cathedral of Hagia Sophia, the former church of Hagia Irene, the former sultan's palace Topkapi Sarayi and major mosques ( the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, Rustem Pasha Mosque and the Beyazit Mosque, the oldest in the city ). The oldest city wall surrounds this area.

Other major museums include the Archaeological Museum near the Topkapi Palace and the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art at the Hippodrome.

The main street of Constantinople Opel, the Mese, began at the Hagia Sophia and brought about the Forum Constantine ( Çemberlitaş ), where one of the largest Agora in the world, the covered Bazaar, the Forum Tauri (Beyazit ) and the Forum Arkadia ( Aksaray ) the Golden Gate to the land walls of Theodosius. At the Forum Tauri, the center street of the former Byzantium branches towards the northwest, where it forms the Forum Philadelphion ( SEHZADEBASI ).

It is also where the main bazaar quarter of Istanbul are the Misir Çarşısı and the large covered Bazaar, Kapali Çarşı, with around 4000 shops, the main building of the University, the head station Sirkeci Railway for trains from the West, once the final destination of the Orient Express, and opposite the main piers for ferry traffic. There the Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn leads to Beyoğlu and further north the European side.

The building of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is located in the Fatih district, the district Saraçhane.