Fatshe leno la rona

Leno la rona Fatshe ( German: This our country, too: Blessed be this noble land ) is the national anthem of Botswana. It was adopted with the country's independence on September 30, 1966.

Composition and text come from Kgalemang Tumedisco Motsete, the (later Botswana People's Party ) in 1960, the leftist Bechuanaland People's Party founded BPP, which advocated the independence of the then British protectorate of Bechuanaland. The title of the poem " leno la rona Fatshe " became the slogan of the party, which, however, never was able to win the majority government.

Unlike many other African national anthem the anthem of Botswana is not sung in the language of the former colonial power, but in the Bantu language Setswana. The author also wrote an English paraphrase, but has no official status.

Text in Setswana

German translation

Text in English

German translation