The abbreviation FBA can mean:

  • Specialized paper, a preliminary form of the Matura in Austria;
  • Finger -to-ground distance, a measure of the mobility of the spine;
  • Fellow of the British Academy, elected member of one of the most learned societies;
  • Sequence removal claim, a term from the German administrative law;
  • Gynecology Federal Academy, a subsidiary of the Professional Association of Gynaecologists eV
  • Formal concept analysis, an algebraic method for data analysis
  • Fun-Bike - Artists, a group founded in 1997, based on the Trial (Sport) goes back
  • Franco - British Aviation, a former aircraft manufacturer
  • Fault tree analysis, a kind of system analysis according to DIN 25424
  • Belgian Forces in Germany, French: Forces Belges en Allemagne
  • Parking brake system (TÜV Rheinland)
  • Flux Balance Analysis, a method from the Systems Biology
  • Command and Staff College of the Federal Employment Agency, a service provider in the context of leadership development and qualification
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