FC Affing

The FC Affing is a sports club from the Swabian municipality Affing. Originally founded as a football club, he now has departments for skiing, curling, taekwondo, table tennis, gymnastics and volleyball.


The FC Affing was founded in 1949. In the first 46 years of its existence the club played with his football team in the circle of the football leagues of Swabia. In 1995, he rose after two championships in a row for the first time in the district league Swabia. After a short descent In 1997, 2003, qualifying for the Bezirksoberliga and 2005 for the National League South Bavaria. In the fourth year in the national league, the team won behind the TSV 1860 Rosenheim the runner and participated in the Relegation part of Bavaria League, but lost already in the first round of Bavaria division club SV Seligenporten. After a fourth place in 2010 followed in 2011 the descent.

In the 2011/12 season, FC Affing secured an early stage the championship in the Bezirksoberliga Swabia and grew thanks to the extended climb right in the Game class reform of the Bavarian Football Association after Relegation against TSV Landsberg and FC Gundelfingen in Bayern league.


  • Promotion to the national league Bavaria South: 2005
  • Rise in the Bavarian League: 2012