FC Bolat

The FK - AMT Bolat Temirtau ( Kazakh: Болат Футбол Клубы ) (also FK CSKA Bolat (2004) and FK Bolat MSK (2005) ) is a Kazakh football club based in the industrial city zentralkasachischen Temirtau.


The club was founded in 1961 as Metallurg Temirtau. From 1969 to 1977, the club Stroitel Temirtau said. In 1978 a re- renamed Bulat Temirtau. The club won the Soviet era, a total of seven times the Kazakh Cup, including in the years 1972 to 1976 five times in succession. From 1992 to 1998 the team played in the Premjer League. The best result was achieved with the seventh place in the season of 1994. In the years 1995 and 1996 the team finished second to last in each table space, but the class was due to an expansion of the highest Kazakh league and of the and of forced displacements keep other clubs. After the 1998 season Bolat rose permanently from the second-class First League. 2004, the championship of the first division was won and defeated in the playoff for promotion of FK Alma -Ata 2-1. Thus, the team returned to the Kazakh elite class of the 2005 season, lost there, however, 29 of 30 games this season with a draw against eventual champions FK Aktobe, finished at the end of the season the last place, and rose again from hence. In the 2008 season the club reached the eleventh and in the following year to sixth place.

Teamcrest 2012


Master in First League: 2004

Historical League results

  • Biggest win: 10:1 against Jenbek Zhezkazgan 1993, against Munaischy Aktau 1995
  • Biggest defeat: 0-8 against Aqtöbemunai Aktobe 1996


The club plays its home matches at the 12,000 -seat Metallurg Stadium, which was built in 1978 and modernized in 2008.


The main sponsor of the club is the world's largest steel producer ArcelorMittal.

Well-known former players

  • Kazakhstan Valery Jablotschkin (1990 )
  • Kazakhstan Maksim Samtschenko (1995-1997)