FC Breitenrain Bern

The FC Breitenrain is a sports club based in Bern. The club's colors are white and red It was founded in 1994 as a merger of the two football clubs FC and FC Minerva Zähringia.


FC Zähringia

The FC Zähringia was originally founded in 1910 under the name FC Viktoria. 1917, the club became a member of the Swiss Football Association (SFV ), an increase in the championship of the series C a. But since it was already a club called FC Viktoria, a new name change was inevitable because two clubs have taken care of with the same name confusion. It was decided to rename the club from the Zähringerstad in FC Zähringia. The years 1920-1930 were marked by the rise in the B series, but also by the search space, since the laws of hospitality expired on the Allmendfeld. Behind the Historical Museum in the church field course was finally found, the FC Minerva also served for discharging its games.

FC Minerva

Also the FC Minerva was originally founded under a different name, namely FC Kickers, 1914. But before they could take the game operating in the C series, a name change was necessary even with them, because there was already a Kickers FC Luzern. The fact that several clubs initially bore the same name, is due to the circumstances that you previously did not know because of the distances that already existed clubs with the same name.

1925 went to the FC and FC Minerva Zähringia an alliance, which they scarce should make for FC Breitenrain 70 years later. For when the FC Bern left the above-mentioned space behind the Historical Museum, were the two clubs on as a new tenant. 1931, however, a renewed course change was necessary because the current space was provided for the new Natural History Museum. Therefore, the two clubs settled on the Spitalacker. The following years were characterized by constant ups and downs. Both teams played at times in the first league, but increased for some time again in the fourth league from. In 1994 came the merger of the two clubs under the still valid name FC Breitenrain. The current logo of the FC width Rains consists of the two logos of Minerva FC and FC Zähringia. The FC Breitenrain plays from the 2012/13 season in the newly created League 1 promotion.


The stadium and the place of the FC width Rains is called Spitalacker, briefly called " Spitz". The place also has a small grandstand. Around the field there are (partly increased ) standing.


The FC Breitenrain has several teams.