FC Tuggen

The FC Tuggen is a Swiss football club from Tuggen in the canton of Schwyz. The club was founded in 1966 and currently plays in the first league, the third-highest Swiss league.


The club was founded on 11 November 1966 as SC Tuggen. The rise in the 3rd League succeeded in 1976; the name was changed to FC Tuggen followed a year later. With coach Sepp Heidelberger and managers Clemens Dobler he rose in 1981 in the second league. The jump in the 1st League followed in 1986 as first in the group under player-coach Erich Güntensperger in the promotion match against FC Hergiswil ( European Cup Formula).

1991 FC Tuggen reached the quarterfinals of the Swiss Cup: He left with 0:4 against FC Chiasso, then NLA from. As a group, first the first league he rose in 1993/94 under coach Hans Peter Bamert in the National League B (now Challenge League) on.

1994/95 FC Tuggen played under coach Erich Güntensperger a season in the NLB. He finished last after 36 games and got off in the first league. 1996/97 he was the winner of the Group 1 League, but lost the promotion play against FC Thun 0-2. Between 1998 and 2004, he came third in the league, except in the 2000 /01 season, when he finished eighth. 2011/12 he became a master of the 1st League Group 3

The association is closely connected with its main sponsor Tulux AG, a lighting manufacturer in Tuggen.


The FC Tuggen plays its home matches at the stadium Linthstrasse. The capacity is 2,800 spectators, of which 300 seats and 2,500 standing places are.

The stadium record of 6,250 spectators was erected at the cup match against FC Basel on 10 November 2013.

Known player

  • Baykal, former Swiss U-21 national team
  • Dominic Imhof, Canadian national team
  • Javier Santana, Dominican national team
  • Urs Suter, former goalkeeper