FC Wettingen

The FC Wettingen was indigenous to Wettingen club of the Swiss Football Association SFV. The club was founded in 1931 and dissolved in 1993 due to bankruptcy. As FC Wettingen 93 he was re-established in the same year and no longer causes since the beginning of the season 2012/13 the additional 93 in the name.


The FC Wettingen 1969 first in the National League B and thus rose to first in the National League A, but increased at the end of the season 1969/70 together with FC St. Gallen again. In 1982 once again made the ascent and Wettingen was initially established in the National League A. The second relegation followed in 1987, which succeeded the club already return a year later in the major league.

The 1988/89 season was the most successful at the national level: The FC Wettingen finished fourth and qualified for the UEFA Cup. There, they met in the second round at Napoli, where Diego Maradona played along, and reached in the first leg ( held in Zurich ) 0-0, but retired in the second leg in Naples by a 1-2 defeat from.

In 1992, the third relegation from the National League A. followed by the 1992/93 season, the club was disbanded for financial reasons and began with the new name FC Wettingen 93 in the 5th league. In 2012 the club changed its name again to FC Wettingen.

He counts 600 members today. Athletic in the 2006/07 season, he managed to win the Aargau Cups and the rise in the second league interregional from which the club is the end of the 2007/08 season but relegated again. In the 2009/10 season managed to carve out again and from the 2012/13 season playing Wettingen to re- descend again in the second league. In addition to the first team of FC has a further 21 teams, including 17 junior teams.

FC Wettingen in the UEFA Cup