FD-Composites ArrowCopter

The ArrowCopter AC20 is a gyroplane, designed and produced by the FD- Composites GmbH, an Austrian company from Zeillern in Amstetten.


The seats are arranged in a tandem structure, wherein the rear seat is a little increased. A Rotax 914 UL with an output of 115 hp provides the propulsion. The pusher propeller is a development of the FD- Composites GmbH. The cell consists of a self-supporting carbon fiber monocoque structure. The wings take three functions: tank, chassis and lift force. The buoyant force equal in cruise approximately the weight of the total fuel.

The autogyro has an Austrian type certification, in July 2013, a German since the fall of 2012. On the Approvals in other countries are working (as of May 2013). On March 31, 2014, the production area was destroyed by fire.

In countries such as the U.S. or Switzerland, a kit is available. In these countries gyroplane may only be flown when they were built himself.