F'dérik (Arabic أفديرك, DMG Afdairik, also F'Dérick ) is a mining town in northern Mauritania in Tiris Zemmour Administrative Region, near which the largest iron ore deposit in the country are degraded. During the French colonial period, the place was called Fort Gouraud.

Between F'dérik and 30 kilometers eastern capital of the region Zouérate the rugged, consisting of black rocks rocky hills of Kediet ej Jill ( Kedia d' Idjil ) from the shallow sandy level rise. Its summit is at 915 meters the highest mountain in Mauritania. 1952, the multinational consortium Mines de Fer de Mauritanie ( MINERFA ) with the preparations for the mining of iron ore in the area. Since 1963, iron ore is mined and brought to the port in Nouadhibou Nouadhibou over the train track - M'Haoudat. In 1974, the company operating under the name Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière ( SNIM ) was nationalized.

In the 2000 census, the village had 4431 inhabitants, in 2010 6175 inhabitants were calculated.

The town can be reached on a road from 300 km south Atar. The only public transport is the train from Nouadhibou on Choum. To the north, a 400 -kilometer road leads to Bir Moghrein, the northernmost part of the country. After a few kilometers on the route branches off a runway in a northwesterly direction to the Sebkhet ej Jill, the salt mines of Idjil from. Several Berber tribes transported in pre-colonial times salt by camel caravans from here to Morocco in the north and south over Chinguetti, Tichitt and Oualata to the Niger.