FDR (disambiguation)

The abbreviation stands for FDR:

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States
  • Association of drugs and intoxicants eV, Association of drug services in Germany
  • Vehicle dynamics control, concept of Automotive Technology
  • Failures Divergences Refinement, tool for analysis of security protocols
  • False discovery rate, statistical method
  • Final Dress Rehearsal, the last test run in major projects before the actual operation
  • Flight Data Recorder, Black Box
  • Democratic Front pour le renouveau, Nigerien rebel faction
  • Full Dynamic Range, see High Dynamic Range ( HDR)

The abbreviation f d R. stands for:

  • For the accuracy, signature addition; today - even if not completely equivalent - replaced by commissioned

The abbreviation F. R. d stands for:

  • Friends of residence e.V. Munich
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