Federal Alliance (South Africa)

The Federal Alliance ( FA) is a South African party.

It was founded in 1998 by the industrialist Louis Luyt, who has since headed the party throughout. Christian Democratic in its orientation, the FA sees as the mouthpiece of all frustrated by the current policy ethnic groups, but is in fact a party of the Afrikaners.

1999 succeeded in gaining the South African Parliament, which a year later merged with the Democratic Party and the New National Party was followed by the Democratic Alliance. However, this was short-lived, while the Democratic Party retained this name for themselves, left the other parties in the alliance of. The FA then eked out an existence as a minor party in the national elections of 2004, she joined no longer starting. In September 2007 it was announced that the party will merge with the Freedom Front. Luyt wants to retire the end of September from active politics.