FedEx Cup

The FedEx Cup is the newly introduced in golf in 2007 Championship of the PGA Tour. For the first time this played in golf in the playoff style. Sponsored the highly doped event of FedEx. With ten million U.S. dollars for the winner of the prize money is the highest that can be won in golf. Total paid annually over the FedEx Cup prize money of 35 million U.S. dollars. In the first two years of each rule changes have been made to repair the negative experiences of the previous year.

In February 2008, led first changes in more players have the chance to improve during the playoffs. In addition, resetting the playoff points was tightened and awarded more points to playoff participants. Sense, this is a disadvantage for those players who miss a playoff tournament.

In November 2008, changes were again performed to ensure that the FedEx Cup can not be won before the final tournament. The reason for this was that Vijay Singh had collected many points during the FedEx Cup in 2008 after three playoff tournaments that he in fact was clear as the winner and only had to play the final and complete.

Qualifying for the playoffs

The following criteria apply since the 2009 season. Between January and the end of August each player on the PGA Tour can gain points for every tournament played. The points awarded for a victory vary depending on the quality of the tournament between 250 and 600 points, with victories bring 500 points in ordinary tournaments. The remaining players receive for completing a tournament correspondingly fewer points based on their final position.

The goal is to be among the 125 leading players who play the final playoff tournaments. Only full -time player on the PGA Tour to earn points. Players who join the Tour during the season, get points from the first tournament after they have officially joined the tour.

After the last tournament of the regular season, the top 125 will take part in the playoff tournaments. A victory in a playoff tournament brings 2,500 points - so five times a victory during the regular season. The obtained during the playoffs points are added to the data collected during the regular season. In addition, the field of players is reduced with progression of the playoffs.

After the last playoff tournament, the top 30 play the final. The points are reset so that the leader receives 2,500 points, the second 2,250 up to last, which gets 210 points. The aim of this is that each of the top 30 has a chance to win the FedEx Cup, where the top 5 players in winning the Tour Championship and the FedEx Cup is safe.

Playoff Tournaments

Are the 125 players once established, they can not be changed. Each qualified player, a tournament before the finale, the TOUR Championship, omit. Here, however, he risks that he resigns from the playoffs due to missing score. Only the top 30 are eligible to play for THE TOUR Championship. Should a player fail the top 30 for the final, he will not be replaced.

Playoff prizes

The player with the highest score after the Tour Championship wins the FedEx Cup, and thus the 10 million U.S. dollars in prize money. The second receives three million, two million 3, 4 1.5 million, 5 1 million and so on. The seats 126-150 are rewarded each with $ 32.000US. The prize money migrates differently than usual tournaments not in the form of cash to the players. It will be paid into a pension fund. Only after the End of career, but no earlier than when the player is 45 years, it will be paid. This practice was the introduction fierce critic among the players.

FedEx Cup winner

Leading the regular season ( score before the playoffs )