Felix Meyer

Felix Meyer ( born February 1, 1653 Wülflingen at Winterthur, † June 11 1713 in the castle Wyden at Ossingen ) was a Swiss painter. He was one of the most important Swiss landscape painters of his time.


Felix Meyer was born on February 1, 1653 in Wülflingen as twelfth son of the pastor Hans Heinrich and Elsbeth Meyer (born Troll) to the world. In 1675 he married Sarah Bidermann.

Meyer got 1666/67 his first painting lessons in Winterthur. He then traveled to Nuremberg, where he studied from 1668 to 1673 when portraitists Melchior Balthasar warriors and the landscape painter Johann Franz Ermels. He had this with acquaintances, Willem van Bemmel, Johann Oswald Harms, Johann Heinrich Roos Johann Melchior Roos and. In Nuremberg him knowledge of Dutch painting were taught that were formative for his later paintings. In 1673 he traveled to Italy, but the trip had to cancel due to illness in Milan. From 1678 to 1681 he was in Winterthur teacher Jakob Sulzer. In 1696 he undertook another trip to Nuremberg, where he met Georg Philipp Rugendas. From 1699 to 1703 he lived in Bern, Winterthur how many painters after him. There by study trips to the mountains many of his famous landscapes of the Swiss mountains arose. 1707 he could imagine along with his son Hans Heinrich, two rooms in the monastery of St. Florian near Linz, its probably the most important job.

In 1788, Meyer Sergeant was in Winterthur. Politically, he worked from 1697 in the parliament of Winterthur. He spent his life at Winterthur as bailiff at the castle at Ossingen Wyden, where he died on 11 June 1713. His legacy is now in the special collections of the Winterthur libraries. His sons remained as a painter of no importance.


Felix Meyer was one of the most important landscape painter of his time, Switzerland. He was decisive for the further development of this area, particularly in Zurich. He had many jobs while abroad, of which only a few are known but. In addition, he is the most important agent of Dutch Italia nesting in Switzerland. His mountain landscapes with glaciers are among the first of this kind in his homeland.