Felix Rosenqvist

Felix Rosenqvist (born 7 November 1991 Värnamo ) is a Swedish racing driver. He won the 2011 and 2013 Formula 3 Masters. Since 2012 he starts in the European Formula 3 Championship.


Rosenqvist began his motorsport career in karting in 2004 and was active until 2006 in this sport. In 2007 he made ​​his debut in Formula racing in the Asian Formula Renault Challenge. Rosenqvist won a race and finished the season in fourth place overall. He also took part in two races of the North European Formula Renault. In 2008 he moved to the Formula Asia 2.0. He chose ten of 13 races for themselves and won the championship. In addition, he competed in a total of six other race in the Asian Formula Renault Challenge and in the Italian Formula Renault. He won two races in the Asian Formula Renault Challenge.

Rosenqvist 2009 returned back to Europe and won the championship of the Swedish Formula Renault and Formula Renault NEZ. He also took part in a race weekend of the Formula Palmer Audi and won two of three races. In addition, he started his career off of formula racing and stood in as a guest to two races in the German SEAT Leon Supercopa. 2010 moved Rosenqvist in the German Formula 3 Cup at Performance Racing. He stood in eight races on the podium and decided two races for themselves. The season he finished in fifth place overall.

2011 moved to Rosenqvist Mucke Motorsport in the Formula 3 Euro Series. With a win, he finished the season from fifth place in the driver standings. With 219 to 251 points he lost the team-internal duel with Nigel Melker. In addition, Rosenqvist won the Formula 3 Masters this year. 2012 graduated Rosenqvist his second season in the Formula 3 Euro Series for Mücke Motorsport. In addition, it was 2012 in the European Formula 3 Championship, were included in the several races of the Formula 3 Euro Series, evaluation justified. Rosenqvist won in the second half of the season four races, which were among the two series. In the Formula 3 Euro Series he lost to his teammate Pascal Wehrlein, who was runner-up, and finished the season on top of the fourth. In the European Formula 3, he sat down opposite Wehrlein who was fourth there, through, and was third in the championship. In addition, Rosenqvist 2012 took part in the Macau Grand Prix and was starting for Mücke Motorsport in second. 2013 remained Rosenqvist Mücke Motorsport in the European Formula 3 Championship. In Spielberg and Zandvoort he decided in each case all three races for themselves. At Zandvoort, he benefited from being a guest driver seemed to him to the finish, but this did not count for the rankings. Rosenqvist won eleven races and was a total of 18 times on the podium. With 457 to 489.5 points he lost at the end Raffaele Marciello and was runner-up. Rosenqvist had brought together in about five times as many points as his team mates. In addition, he won the Formula 3 Masters for the second time in his career. This Rosenqvist became the second driver after Valtteri Bottas to have managed this. Also in 2014 remained Rosenqvist Mücke Motorsport faithful and denies the third season in the European Formula 3 Championship with the team.


Career stations

  • 2004-2006: Karting
  • 2007: Asian Formula Renault Challenge ( # 4 )
  • 2007: North European Formula Renault ( 46th place )
  • 2008: Formula Asia 2.0 ( Master )
  • 2008: Asian Formula Renault Challenge ( 8th place)
  • 2008: Italian Formula Renault
  • 2009: Swedish Formula Renault (Master)
  • 2009: NEZ Formula Renault (Master)
  • 2009: Formula Palmer Audi ( # 21 )
  • 2010: German Formula 3 ( 5th place)
  • 2011: Formula 3 Euro Series ( 5th place)
  • 2012: Formula 3 Euro Series (4th place )
  • 2012: European Formula 3 ( 3rd place)
  • 2013: European Formula 3 (2nd place)
  • 2014: European Formula 3

Individual results in the Formula 3 Euro Series

Individual results in the European Formula 3 Championship