Felix Scheder-Bieschin

Felix Scheder - Bieschin (* October 22, 1899, † September 2, 1940 at sea) was a German entrepreneur, naval officer and racing sailor.

After war service in the Imperial Navy Scheder - Bieschin studied law and economics. Inter alia After initial activities Possehl in Lübeck, he became managing director in 1934 of the North Sea plants in Emden. 1936 Olympian in sailing competitions before Kiel with the crew of the 8mR racing yacht Germania III and winner of the bronze medal. From 1 April 1937 until his death Chairman of HDW in Kiel AG (today: HDW).

Felix Scheder - Bieschin fell on September 2, 1940 on his return from Norway by a torpedo attack as a Lieutenant Commander dR