Felix Scheffler

Felix Scheffler ( born February 9, 1915 in Hamburg, † March 13, 1986 in Rostock) was a former German naval officer, Rear Admiral last and first chief of the People's Navy.


Scheffler was born into the family of a commercial employees. After graduating from middle school, he graduated from 1930 to 1933 trained as a druggist in Altona adElbe.

1932/33, he was a member of the SA. From 1933 to 1937 he went as a cabin boy and steward on ships of Hapag shipping company. From 1937 to 1941 he served the Army as a sergeant. From 1941 to 1947 he was in Soviet captivity in which he was employed in the first two years as wood drivers, heater and paramedics in various POW camps.

In 1942 he became a member of the Anti-Fascist Committee in the camp Elaluga. In 1943 he was one of the founders of the NKFD. 1943/44, he was at the Central Antifa School in Krasnogorsk. In 1944, he supported partisans in the battle space of the 1st Byelorussian Front. After a hospital stay, he was employed in 1945 by the NKVD in the territory of Vilnius. In 1946, he was on an antifascist school in Noginsk, after which he became head of the Antifa Antifa Aktivs at the Central School.

In November 1947 Scheffler returned to Germany. In 1948 he became a member of the Democratic Peasants' Party of Germany ( DBD) and was until 1950, organizing secretary of the DBD. On 16 May 1949 he was elected to the German People's Congress, which began the new German People's Council on 30 May 1949 was constituted as the Provisional People's Chamber of the GDR on 7 October 1949. Scheffler was a member of the DBD Group in the foreign policy committee of the People's Chamber until 1950.

In February 1950 he became a member of the German People's Police ( DVP ) and also a member of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany ( SED). In the maritime police headquarters, he was initially Political Culture Officer, then as Chief Inspector Chief of Staff. 1950 to 1954 he was deputy head of the People's Police lake. In 1952 he was appointed Rear Admiral. In 1955 he took over the leadership role as leader of the Popular Police See the successor of Waldemar Verner and 1956 with the formation of the NPA charge of the naval forces. From 1957 to 1959 he attended classes at the Seekriegsakademie the Soviet Union. Subsequently he was assistant to the head of the naval forces for training, then for Technology and from 1964 as the successor of Frigate Captain Willi Winkler Head of the Rear Services. After a Politburo decision of the SED Rear Admiral Scheffler had to perform his duties in May 1959 as a sailor on a coastal defense ship as the sole representative of the NVA generals.

After his retirement in 1975 he was a member of the District Committee of Antifascist Resistance Fighters in Rostock.