Fengtai District

Fengtai (Chinese丰台 区, pinyin Fengtai Qū ) is a district of the Chinese capital Beijing.

The municipality has an area of ​​304.2 km ² and is located southwest of the city center and 932,000 inhabitants ( 2004).

The urban population was in contrast to the old town only been a relatively short time. Until the mid-1980s Fengtai was a rural area. Pig and goat pens shaped the city and much of the area was without electricity. Only since the economic boom of urbanization takes place.


By Fengtai lead the 3rd ring road, the 4th ring road and the fifth ring road of Beijing, as well as the Jingzhu highway.

The Beijing World Park and the Marco Polo Bridge (Chinese: Lugou qiao ) are located in the area of Fengtai.