Ferdi Tayfur

Ferdi Tayfur (actually: Ferdi Tayfur Turhan Bayburt, * November 15, 1945 in Ceyhan, Adana) is a Turkish lyricist, composer, singer of the musical style arabesque and actor. He has participated in several film and television productions. In Turkey, he is regarded as a cult figure with a huge fan base. Usually he is called by them Ferdi Baba (father Ferdi )

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Life and work

Ferdi Tayfur the southern Turkish city of Adana comes from (from the Hürriyet Mah quarter ), grew up in poverty and was six years old orphan when his father died.

After his first unsuccessful album (1968 ) he was awarded the second " Çeşme " (1976) quickly became known. Over time, he has been involved in a large number of Turkish film and television productions. He writes and composes his songs selbst.Fast all of his songs are full of sadness. They are sad, slow and make full songs about love, loneliness, etc. Since most of Ferdi Tayfur songs are " particularly " sad songs make its "own " area in the Turkish Classical Music / Arabesk.

Ferdi Tayfur has released more than 30 albums. He gave great concerts in Turkey, a short time also for people living in Europe Turkish guest workers ( Germany (including 1980 in the sold out with 17,000 spectators Dortmund Westfalenhalle or 11,000 at the Cologne Sporthalle 1981), Switzerland, Austria, France ), etc. In America he gave concerts ( including New York). He has his own record label " FerDiFON " and is in the real estate business. He is also active as a director and has a book ( Şekerci Çırağı ) published, in which he reports from his life. In 2007 he published his second book ( " Yagmur Durunca " ) ( dt When the rain stops ). He is also Kral Ferdi (German King Ferdi ) or called " Ferdi Baba " (Eng. father Ferdi ).

Ferdi Tayfur was the life partner of the Turkish actress Necla Nazir, whom he met during the shooting of his film Ceşme.

Besides Orhan Gencebay, Müslüm Gürses and İbrahim Tatlıses he is considered one of the four main characters of the Turkish music of the 60s - 80s.

His Gülhane Park concert in 1987 in Istanbul, is with 125,000 viewers as the biggest concert of Turkish music history. In 1992 he succeeded with Emmoğlu a comeback in which he set the record for the best-selling albums, which was broken by Tarkan ( Simarik ) in 1999.







Video Remix promotion

The artist Mefrat has made ​​4 different remix videos for Ferdi Tayfurs website.

  • 2008: " Yuvasiz Kuşlar " - ( Mefrat Relax Room)
  • 2009: " Zamane Asigi " - ( Mefrat Loveland Mix)
  • 2010: " Huzurum Kalmadi " - ( Mefrat Video Mix )
  • 2010: " Boynu Bükük Sarkilarim " - ( Mefrat Promo Video)


The Austro- German demoscene group bacon Drumm and developed in the fall of 2003, published a PC demo Ferdi Tayfur over, which was approved by him. In December 2007, the second part of the name was Tayfur 2: Turkish Delight at the party the Ultimate Meeting in Karlsruhe- Durlach ( Germany ) and has finished in second place.