Ferdinand the Bull (film)

Ferdinand, the bull is an American animated short film directed by Dick Rickard from the year 1938.


In Spain, the calf Ferdinand lives with his Kuhmutter. Unlike the other calves Ferdinand has no interest in fighting. He would much rather sit every day under a cork tree and smell the flowers. His mother accepted his behavior.

The time goes by. From the calf Ferdinand a handsome bull is after three years become who has not changed his behavior. One day five men come to the pasture, looking for a handsome bull for the bullfights in Madrid. While all the other bulls from their wilder side show Ferdinand is happy under his oak tree at the flowers. When he wants to settle down, as always, he sets out on a hornet moves on, storming around like a wild bull. The five men are excited and bring Ferdinand to Madrid.

In the arena he is regarded as particularly dangerous, the torero is full of confidence, but is afraid. An admirer gives him a bouquet of flowers in the arena. Ferdinand, who hardly dares even to the battlefield, see the flowers and storms for Torero, only to smell the flowers. On the supplication of the Toreros, finally got him to attack, he does not respond. As the bullfighter desperately bares his chest and it sports a flower tattoo, it will be licked by Ferdinand. Man gives up and brings the peaceful Ferdinand back to his pasture, where he happily under the cork tree is living with the flowers since then.


Ferdinand the Bull is an adaptation of the children's book Ferdinand the Bull ( engl. The Story of Ferdinand ) by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson, which was published in 1936.

The film was released on November 25, 1938 outside of a Disney cartoon series. Instead, the studio as "A Special Cartoon " he announced. The plot is presented by narrator Don Wilson.


Ferdinand the Bull won the 1939 Oscar in the category " Best Animated Short Film ". It was the first Oscar-winning film in the history of the category, was not one of Disney's Silly Symphonies - series.