Ferenc Nagy

Ferenc Nagy [ fɛrɛnʦ nɒɟ ] ( born October 8, 1903 in bites (Hungary ), † June 12, 1979 in Fairfax, Virginia, United States) was a Hungarian politician and Prime Minister of February 4, 1946 to 30 May 1947.

Nagy was a member of parliament and a leading member of the Smallholders' Party in Hungary during the interwar period. After the occupation of Hungary by the Red Army from 1944 to 1945 this party won under the leadership of Zoltán Tildy in elections to the National Assembly in November 1945. After the proclamation of the Republic in 1946 Tildy was elected president. Prime Minister of a coalition government was Ferenc Nagy. By illegal means and the support of the Soviet Union, however, the Communist USAP became generally stronger and reached in May 1947 following the resignation of Nagy. Ferenc Nagy died in exile in the United States.