Fergusson Island

Moratau that " Fergusson Island ", is a volcanic, about 1437 km ² large island in the Pacific Ocean. It is the largest of the D' Entrecasteaux Islands, Milne Bay Province belonging to Papua New Guinea. In the north the Moresby Street Fergusson separates from the Goodenough Island. A few kilometers south of Fergusson Island is the island of Normanby from which it is separated by the Dawson Street.


F1 map with all coordinates of the section villages: OSM, Google and Bing The following 48 villages and a separate device ( Mapamoiwa Station) are located on the Fergusson Island, mainly near the coast ::

The 23 villages in the east of the island belonging to Dobu Rural LLG (Local Level Government) Area, which also includes part of south-east neighboring Normanby Island belongs. The other settlements in the western part of the island form the West Fergusson Rural LLG Area. Kalokalo on the west coast of the island with 1381 inhabitants ( 2000 census ) is the largest city not only of Fergusson Island, D' Entrecasteaux but the entire Islands.


The island was visited in 1873 by Captain John Moresby, who named it ( 1873-74 Governor of New Zealand) to James Fergusson of Kilkerran.


Fergusson is dominated by mountainous, covered by rainforest terrain. On the island there are three large volcanoes. The coastal areas are used for agriculture.

With a height of 2073 m peak on the island, Mount Kilkerran, located near Wadalei in the Northeast. On the west coast is the Seymour Bay, the Sebutuia Bay to the east, and the Hughes Bay in the north. The main settlements, Salamo and Mapamoiwa, located on the south coast. In the mid-1990s gold deposits were discovered at Wapolu on the north coast.

Exclusively on the Fergusson Island lives in a small distribution area for the first time in 1952 by Eleanor MO Laurie mentioned Fergusson strip Beutler ( Dactylopsila tatei ), also called Tate's Triok, a strip Beutler from the family of gliders, which as on the Red List of Threatened Species IUCN " endangered " ( endangered ) substance. It is also home of the Fergusson Pheasant Pigeon, a subspecies of pheasant pigeon.

10 km north of the island lies the Amphlett Group.