Fernando Quiroga y Palacios

Fernando Cardinal Quiroga y Palacios ( born January 21, 1900 in San Pedro de Maceda, † December 7, 1971 in Madrid) was Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela


He studied at the seminary in Orense, at the Pontifical University of Santiago de Compostela and at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. In Rome he was a seminarian at the Pontifical Spanish College of St. Joseph and received on 10 June 1922, the ordination. He finished his studies in 1925. During the years 1925-1942 he was pastor in Orense and at the seminary, where he also taught as a professor. In 1942 he was appointed canon of the cathedral chapter of Valladolid, where he also worked as a pastor and in the seminar.

Pius XII. appointed him on 24 November 1945 Bishop of Mondoñedo. The Archbishop of Valladolid Antonio García y García consecrated him on March 24 of next year at the shrine of Gran Promesa del Sagrado Corazón bishop; Co-consecrators were Francisco José Blanco Nájera, Bishop of Orense and José Souto Vizoso, bishop of Palencia. He was raised on 4 June 1949 for the Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela. On January 12, 1953 it took Pius XII. as cardinal priest with the titular church of Sant'Agostino in the College of Cardinals.

As papal legate to the Marian Congress in Manila in the Philippines in December 1954, he represented the authority of the Pope. He participated in the conclave of 1958, the John XXIII. chose. From 1962 to 1965 he participated in the Second Vatican Council and in the course of also participating in the conclave in 1963, the Paul VI. chose. The cardinal was from 1966 to 1969 the first President of the Spanish Episcopal Conference.

He died on 7 December 1971 at the age of 71 in Madrid and is buried in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.