Fernando Romboli

Fernando Romboli ( born January 4, 1989 in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian tennis player.


Fernando Romboli plays mainly on the ATP Challenger Tour and the ITF Futures Tour. He has so far ten single and double celebrate 22 wins on the ITF Futures Tour. On the ATP Challenger Tour now won five double up tournaments. 31 October 2011, he first broke the top 200 in the world rankings in a double and his highest placement was a rank 153 in March 2012.

11 July 2012 Fernando Romboli tested positive in a doping test at the tournament in Bogotá. He stated that the substances found were included in medications that were prescribed to him by a doctor and he had no intention of performance improvement. Due to his cooperation in the wake of positive tests he received only a lock for eight and a half months, which entered into force for the period from September 1, 2012 to May 15, 2013.



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