Remote forest is a municipality in the district of Gießen, in Hesse.

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Remote forest lies about 6 km east of the university town of Gießen (Lahn ).

Neighboring communities

Remote forest borders in the north on the community Buseck, in the east on the community of rice churches, on the southeast by the city Lich, on the southwest by the city Pohl home and in the west on the town of Giessen.

Community structure

Remote forest consists of the three districts Albach, Annerod and Steinbach.


Remote forest was established on December 31, 1971 by the merger of the formerly independent villages Steinbach, Annerod and Albach. Finding a name based on the area between Annerod and Steinbach forest that belonged to as " distant forest " to the larger forest area of ​​the " Wiesecker Forest" (district of Gießen).


Municipal council

The municipal election held on local election 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:

Parish Council

The parish council consists of nine members. Of this, 3 seats and the mayor to the SPD, the CDU and 2 seats on FW and one seat to the Greens.


Stefan Bechthold (SPD ) was elected on 7 June 2009 with a vote share of 51.9 % for Mayor of remote forest and took office on 1 January 2010. He sat down in the first round against the CDU incumbent Matthias Klose ( 40.7 % ) and against Elke Koch- Michel ( Independent, 7.4%) by. Klose had been elected in 2003 with a vote share of 55.7 %.

Coat of arms

Blazon: Azure, a golden saltire, placed a silver heart-shaped shield with full black cross.

Culture and sights

Cultural monuments in remote forest

See list of cultural monuments in remote forest

Sport and Leisure

  • Firemen remote forest
  • The gymnastic and sporting community TSG 1905 Steinbach offers besides gymnastics handball, basketball, volleyball, judo, table tennis and music.
  • The FSV 1926 remote forest plays in the Hessen League football.
  • SV 1945 Annerod
  • HSG remote forest
  • TSV 1911 Albach
  • In the JSG remote forest the young people of three districts playing football.
  • TC Annerod
  • TC remote forest
  • Protect SC 1959 Annerod e.V


Through the municipal area, the Federal Highway leads 5 with direct motorway connection (AS 10) and the federal highways 49 and 457

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Axel Redmer (* 1951), politician ( SPD)