Ferpicloz (? Freiburg Patois Fèrpihyo / i ) is a municipality in the District de la Sarine ( German: Sarine district) of the Canton of Fribourg in Switzerland. The former German place name Pichlen is no longer in use today.


Ferpicloz is located on 767 m above sea level. M., 7 km south of the capital of the canton of Fribourg (air line). The village stretches a scenic location on a high plateau east of Bois d' amont, in the Alpine foothills region of Fribourg Mittelland.

The area of ​​only just 1.0 km ² large municipality area includes a portion of the higher Freiburg Central Plateau near the northern edge of the Alps. The central part is occupied by the height of Ferpicloz that gradually abdacht against the southeast to Talniederung of Pontet. To the west of the municipality extends to the floor Forest Hills Bois d' amont and reached here with 842 m above sea level. M. the highest point of Ferpicloz. From the municipality surface 1997 18 % came from settlements, 12% of forest and woody plants and 70 % to agriculture.

To Ferpicloz include each of the west of the road Freiburg - La Roche location of the settlements Le Mouret ( 754 m asl. ) And Rionbotset as well as several individual farms ( 764 m asl. ). Neighboring communities of Ferpicloz are Le Mouret, Senèdes and Ependes.


With 278 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) Ferpicloz one of the small communities of the Canton of Fribourg. Of the 85.8 % inhabitants are French-speaking, German-speaking and 12.0 % 0.6 % speak Russian ( as of 2000). The population of Ferpicloz amounted in 1850 to 118 residents in 1900 to 132 inhabitants. During the 20th century, the population fluctuated in the range between 130 and 150 people. Only since 1990 (138 inhabitants) a significant population growth was recorded.


Ferpicloz was until the second half of the 20th century, mainly coined by farming village. Today, agriculture, dairy farming and livestock have only a minor role in the economic structure of the population. More jobs are in small local manufacturing and services available, including an operating wood processing. From 1630 to 1971 a brickyard was in Le Mouret in the field of Ferpicloz in operation, which contributed significantly to the economic development of the town. In the marsh area south of the village peat particularly during the Second World War. In recent decades, the village has developed into a residential community. Many workers are therefore commuters who work mainly in the region of Freiburg.


The community is conveniently comparatively quite well developed. It is only a little off the main road from Fribourg to Broc. By bus Transports Publics Fribourgeois that respectively from Freiburg via La Roche to Bulle lead to Jaun, Ferpicloz is connected to the public transport network.


The territory of Ferpicloz was settled very early. Thus, in Le Mouret remains of a Roman estate were found, which was inhabited by the middle of the 1st to the 4th century.

The first documentary mention of the place was pesclum under the name frigidum in the 12th century. Later, the names Ferpehlou ( 1269 ) published, Ferpecles (1270 ) and Ferpecloz (1300). The place name probably comes from the Latin words frigidum pasculum ( cool willow).

Since 1270 Ferpicloz belonged to the rule Marly. In the 15th century the village came under the rule of Freiburg and the Old Landscape ( Burgpanner ) has been assigned. After the collapse of the ancien régime (1798 ) was one Ferpicloz during the Helvetic the district of La Roche and from 1803 to the district of Freiburg, before it was incorporated in 1848 with the new cantonal constitution in the Sarine district. In the preparations for the merger project of Le Mouret initially took Ferpicloz part, but then retired and therefore still forms an independent community. Ferpicloz does not have its own church; it belongs to the parish Ependes.