Ferrari 125 S

The Ferrari 125 is a in different versions in 1947 and 1948 to 1950 automobile built by Ferrari. The description goes back to the rounded content of a single cylinder.

The 125 was the first produced under his own name of Ferrari automobile.

125C ( 125 Sport, 1947)

Early in 1947, Ferrari launched the first of the new company model to 125C ( for Competizione, also called 125 Sport ) with a constructed by former Alfa Romeo engineer Gioacchino Colombo V12 engine of 1.5 liters of displacement, officially 54-87 kW ( 72 -118 hp) strong, with a fork angle of 60 °, one overhead camshaft per cylinder bank and single ignition. The wheelbase was 2420 mm at the front axle came double wishbones and a transverse leaf spring for use, a rear rigid axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs.

Were built two copies, one with broad Spider- body Carrozzeria Touring, the other with detached wings and narrow racing body. Both cars today no longer exist, but Ferrari built in the late 1980s, a replica.

The cars took part in some races in 1947, without also celebrate special achievements. To increase the power the plant then made ​​a displacement increase and called the successor of Ferrari 159

125GP (1948 /49)

In September 1948, the 1.5 -liter engine found in the 125C in modified form again use. He drove to the Monoposto 125GP, who took part in the precursor race since 1950 discharged Formula 1. With a Roots supercharger fitted, the machine carried here 169 kW (230 hp). The single-seater was based on a longitudinal support frame with a wheelbase of 2160 mm and had a rear swing axle with torsion bars or transverse leaf spring.

125F1 (1949 /50)

When 125F1 it was a modified version of the 125GP with two overhead camshafts per cylinder bank and a longer wheelbase of 2380 mm, presented before the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in September 1949. In this form, the engine produced 191 kW (260 hp).