Ferrari 156 F1

The Ferrari 156 was a Formula 1 car, the Scuderia Ferrari built from 1961 to 1964 and began. He was and is one of the most legendary Formula cars in motor racing history, the race car with the " shark's mouth ", the Wolfgang von Trips 1961 almost world champion in Formula 1 was.

The superiority of the car was due to the power of its 1.5-liter V6 engine, the. Weaknesses of the chassis more than offset The 156 was the first Ferrari with a mid-engine. The concept for the car came from Carlo Chiti, the engine was built to a design by Mauro Forghieri, who was responsible for the next 25 years for the Ferrari racing engines.

The engine was easy and provided at 1476 cm ³ 190 PS. The unit was installed extremely low in the chassis, which the center of gravity of the entire vehicle positively influenced. Chiti followed in his approach the lines of the Ferrari 246P, however, was the 156 shorter and the chassis was based on four major pipe makers.

The car was from the outset fully competitive. In 1961, the team Scuderia was beaten only three times. Giancarlo Baghetti won the Grand Prix of Syracuse and also equal to his first World Championship race, the Grand Prix of France. However, the car in these two races was officially reported by FISA.

The title duel between Wolfgang von Trips and Phil Hill was decided by the fatal crash of the German Grand Prix of Italy at Monza for the Americans, the import of the first drivers' title for the Scuderia since 1958. The Constructors' World Championship went clear to the Italian team.

During the winter break 1961/1962 with Carlo Chiti left an important manager and engineer the Scuderia. The development of the 156 stalled. The car was the British team with their V8 engines now inferior to the V6 engine. In 1962, no big races are won, it was only enough for two victories in addition to race.

1963 was the 156 only a temporary solution. Forghieri, who had also taken over the work on the chassis, developed a lighter space frame and a new rear suspension. It was a construction of upper and lower wishbones with double tie rods. The performance of the engine was increased to 200 hp with a new fuel injection. Towards the end of the car was completely rebuilt. Now the engine was installed as a stressed member in a Halbmonocoque, which was actually built for the new V8 engine. This monocoque was also used in 1964 for the Ferrari 158. The car was designated the 156 Areo and 1964 partially used.

Winning car was the 156 but not more; 1963 Ferrari was completely inferior to the Lotus 25 Jim Clark. Only with the successor, the 158, the tide turned again and the Scuderia won both world championships in 1964.

The 156 was piloted by top riders of his time. Besides Baghetti, Hill and von Trips Lorenzo Bandini, Olivier Gendebien, Richie Ginther, Innes Ireland drove ( him in 1962 a 156 awarded for a race ), Willy Mairesse, Ricardo Rodríguez, Ludovico Scarfiotti and John Surtees these top cars.