Ferrari 159 S

The Ferrari 159 Ferrari 159S was also a 1947 -built racing model of the Italian car manufacturer Ferrari. The description goes back to the rounded content of a single cylinder.

In 159 it was the successor to the Ferrari 125 with the 1.5 to 1.9 liter V12 engine with enlarged single overhead camshaft ( bore x stroke 59 x 58 mm ) equipped with three Weber carburetors 30DCNF double to 92 kW (125 hp) came. Like its predecessor, the 159 had a box frame, front double wishbone and rear rigid axle.

Two copies of the 159 were built, one on a new chassis, the other on the basis of one of the two existing 125

Franco Cortese finished with a 159 in August 1947 at the Pescara race in second place and fell out of the Grand Prix of Italy. Raymond Sommer won the 159 at the Grand Prix of Turin in October 1947.

Successor was the Ferrari 166