Ferrari 195 Inter

The Ferrari 195 is a 1950-1952 built in different versions model of the Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari. The description goes back to the rounded content of a single cylinder.

In 195 it was the successor to the Ferrari 166 with the 2.0 to 2.3 liter V12 engine with enlarged single overhead camshaft ( Bore × Stroke 65 × 58.8 mm Displacement 2341 cc ). Like its predecessor, the 195 had a box frame, front double wishbone and rear rigid axle.

195 Sport ( 1950)

The 195 Sport was the imaginary for the GT racing variant of the 195 series. By increasing the Bohrmaßes the displacement of the SOHC V12 increased from 1995 to 2341 and the power to 125 kW ( 170 hp) at 7200 rpm. Compared with the 166MM the wheelbase has been extended by 50 to 2250 mm. Known is a 195 sport with a fastback coupé body by Touring; reliable estimates suggest that up to three copies were made ​​.

195 Inter ( 1950-1952 )

As with the 166, as also presented at the end of 1950, 195 of the presented inter destined for civilian use variant.

With three double carburetors, the 2.3 -liter V12 made ​​with an overhead camshaft per cylinder bank 99 kW (135 hp) at 7000 rpm.

On a wheelbase of 2500 mm mostly seven Vignale coupe emerged from designs by Giovanni Michelotti, ten Ghia coupe, designed by Mario Felice Boano, three coupes with touring body and an unknown number of bodies in the Swiss coachbuilder Ghia - Aigle also by Michelotti design.

Successor to the 195 was the Ferrari 212