Ferrari 328

The Ferrari 328 is a vehicle model from the Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari, it's there with the Ferrari 328 GTB names ( Gran Turismo Berlinetta ) a coupe and Ferrari 328 GTS (Gran Turismo Spider ) as a convertible.

The 328 GTS had obviously developed from the first two-seat Ferrari with a transverse engine - the 206 and 246 Dino from the late 60s. The soft, curvy lines of the Dino were now the sharper contoured design of the 328 given way.

The V8 mid- engine of the 328 now had 3.2 liters, 199 kW ( 270 hp) and a torque of 304 Nm. He was the last transverse-mounted V8 engine in a Ferrari.

Although the interior of the 328 was clearly oriented to that of ten years earlier published 308 GTB, there were some changes such as a clearer designed dashboard.


Ten years after Ferrari had brought his best-selling model, the 308 GTB on the market, it finally got a new engine and was externally significantly revised to refresh the style.

The most obvious change was in the range of the bumpers; the sharp front profile of the 308 was gone in favor of a flatter, rounder section, the rear has been redesigned in a similar fashion. The car had thus somewhat beefy than the 308 total but also more uniform. The 328 was just under an inch longer than its predecessor.

The models 328 GTB and 328 GTS had the same technical design as the model 308 GTB and GTS Quattrovalvole, its V8 engine, however, had 3185 cc displacement and 199 kW ( 270 hp). The larger engine capacity was achieved by a 2 mm extended bore and a 2.6mm longer stroke. Only this larger engine capacity increased power ( 199 kW ), otherwise there were no differences. The translation was the same, so the car reached about 263 km / h. The front and rear bumpers are painted in body color. In addition, there were small changes in the instrument panel, the trim and the interior detail.

At a production rate of 2500 units per year, the 328 GTB and GTS were not cheap ( in 1985, the list price of GTB 112,000 DM), but quite popular. The majority of the orders referred to the open version. They were the last Ferrari with a transversely mounted V8, from 1989, followed by the 348 tb with longitudinally mounted eight-cylinder engine.

As the 308 GTB and 308 GTS were also of this model, the versions produced for the Italian market 208 GTB turbo and 208 GTS turbo (254 hp, top speed 253 km / h ). Due to the Italian tax legislation, according to which the expenses for vehicles with more than two liters of displacement could not be deducted from the tax, these cars were from 1986 with a V8 engine, which had a capacity of only 1,990 cc, equipped.