Ferrari 348

1990 Ferrari 348

The Ferrari 348 is a 1989 built until 1995 sports car from the Italian manufacturer Ferrari. He was initially offered as a 348 Berlinetta tb and ts than 348 Targa version, later as Spider. It was powered by the newly developed 3.4-liter V8 engine from the few months previously presented Ferrari Mondial. The Ferrari 348 was the successor to the 328

History of development

The design of the Pininfarina -designed 348 was based heavily on the Testarossa. The tail lamps are provided with a black grille and for the ventilation of the middle engine provide large air inlets in the doors, also depending sits a fan behind the inlets, which further directed the air into the engine compartment.

The body of the 348 have a wider wheelbase than the 4 cm 308 GTB, and is now larger and stiffer than that of the well 328, which has by its self-supporting construction of a space frame. The longitudinally mounted V8 that had been used in the Dino 308 GT4 for the first time in 1973, and the seated behind the differential gear, to improve the handling. With a displacement of 3.4 liters, the 348 reaches a top speed of 278 km / h The maximum torque of the revised V8 of 317 Nm at 4200 rpm. Standard equipment includes central locking, leather seats, electric windows, ABS, and a five-speed manual transmission. However, there were complaints about the seat quality, ride and noise.

The Ferrari 348 Spider was presented at the same time at the Geneva Motor Show and Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles in 1993. The changes compared to the 348 tb / ts are: painted in body color to the bottom of the vehicle, re- framed front grille with Prancing Horse, 15 kW power increase due to changes to the pistons and valves, and the intake system. A modified control unit with new timing and a modified exhaust system. In addition, the chassis was modified again. In addition, changes in the interior and a modified seats. Half a year later the two base models received these changes and were called from now on GTB (tb ) and GTS (ts ).

Together with Otto Michel Ferrari developed in 1994 a small series of upgraded 348GTC models ( 360PS (268 kW) to 500 hp ( 370 kW) ). Some of the 348 Competizione racing versions have been approved in Europe as the street version. The models of type 348GTC feature carbon fiber components on the front and rear bumpers, seats, door panels. The Le Mans race models feature F40 driveshafts.

About the total number of items produced the spider, there are different information. It is located at about 1100 copies. Half of them went to the United States. Production period: 1993 to 1995 inclusive.

The 348 series was in the 90s, the " volume model " of Ferrari, with a planned sales of 2,500 copies a year. 1994 was replaced by the 348 355.



  • Ferrari 348 tb: 2,894
  • Ferrari 348 ts: 4,228
  • Ferrari 348 Spider: 1,146
  • Ferrari 348 Competizione: 56
  • Ferrari 348 GTB: 222
  • Ferrari 348 GTS: 218


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