Ferrari 456

Ferrari 456 GT

The Ferrari 456 Berlinetta is a 2 2- seater Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari, which was built from 1993 to 2004. At first he was marketed as a 456 GT and 456 GTA ( with automatic transmission) and came as a modified version of 456M 1998 ( M stands for modificato ) on the market. It was a concerning aerodynamics, comfort and ergonomics in the interior improved version of the GT. Similarly, the Pininfarina body was developed. The name Ferrari 456 is derived from the cubic capacity of a cylinder with 456 cc.

Ferrari 456 GT / GTA

At the Paris Motor Show in October 1992, the Ferrari 456 GT was presented. In 1993, he came with a manual gearbox on the market, the GTA with automatic transmission appeared in 1996. Motor and transmission are connected in a transaxle design together. The six-speed transmission with a limited slip differential ZF is connected via a steel pipe in a three -bearing propeller shaft to the motor.

The chassis features an independent suspension with double wishbones, gas shock absorbers, coil springs and anti-roll bars all around. Furthermore, the 456 a rear level control and an anti -dive system has forward. The driver can choose between "normal " and " sport " suspension tuning. The traction is controlled by the ASR system that was connected via a CAN line with the ABS and the engine control system and reacted with loss of grip immediately. This system was unique, three different control modes were selected by the driver. A special feature is the integrated rear electronically controlled spoiler. This altered its angle from 110 km / h according to the requirements and returned from 80 km / h back to its starting position. As standard, the 456 GT was equipped with a luggage set from leather and a Servotronic, up 70 km / h supports the steering movements.

The 456 GT was in a number of seven vehicles rebuilt as a combination of Ferrari (custom made for the Sultan of Brunei ). In addition, some limousines and cabriolet versions of the 456 that were also primarily made ​​for the Sultan of Brunei exist.

Ferrari 456M

1998, the revised 456M was presented. It was available with either manual or automatic transmission. The hood consisted of carbon fiber and equipped with retractable headlights and a rounder front end with integral spoiler. The front grille with integrated fog lights had been revised to improve engine cooling and ventilation of the brakes. The engine in the 456M delivered due to a change in motor control ( Bosch Motronic 5.2) in comparison to its predecessor slightly higher output of 325 kW ( 442 hp) at 6250/min. The 456M had vented brake discs with aluminum calipers and 4 -channel ABS, which was associated with ASR and EBD ( electronic brake force control). The steering rack was fitted with speed -dependent power steering system. In addition, the 456M was the last series Ferrari with pop-up headlights.

The 456M could be made even more individual by the incorporation of some of the Carrozzeria Scaglietti extras. Published in 1997 list included offers for models 456M, F355 and 550 Maranello, including various finishes with matching interiors, the installation of a telephone or as a battery charger with connection in the engine compartment.


Unofficial versions

On special customer of Ferrari 456 Pininfarina as a notchback sedan, convertible and station wagon even been made ​​.