Ferrari 575M Maranello

Ferrari 575M Maranello

The Ferrari 575 is a sports car from Ferrari. It replaced the 550 in 2002, from which he took over the only slightly retouched body. However, the 575 got a bigger engine with 5.75 instead of 5.5 liter displacement, hence the new name. In addition, the number was an M for modificato appended.

The Cabrio variant Barchetta was set when model change to 575. Only in the last year of production ( 2005) of the 575 Ferrari put a small series called Superamerica on. The limited edition of 559 copies Superamerica got a special roof construction made ​​of carbon and glass. It was attached to a fixed axis and behind the headrest could be placed rotated through 180 degrees to the back of the luggage compartment flap. Thus, the coupe converted to Targa model. For this series, the engine was modified so that he did like the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 397 kW (540 hp).

Since 2003, the F1 gearbox is optionally available. The derived from Formula 1 system switching via shift paddles behind the steering wheel. Law is switched up and left down. Depending on the setting program, comfort or sport, the switching times of change briefly to very short. The Maranello F1 speeds with the semi-automatic gearbox around five tenths of a second faster than a hand -connected.

Since 2004, the 575 was optionally available with a special suspension package that made ​​the car to GTC Gran Turismo Competizione for. This chassis design was specifically designed for use in racing and was accompanied by an optics package that eg new muffler included, however, the standard engine was unaffected.

In early 2006, the last 575 made ​​. Shortly afterwards, the successor to the Ferrari 599 appeared