Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

The Ferrari 599 is a Gran Turismo of the Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari, which is sold since the summer of 2006. He is the successor to the Ferrari 575


599 GTB

The 599 GTB Fiorano is named after the test track Fiorano, developed on the Ferrari race and road cars; GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta. The car was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in February 2006.

The aluminum chassis is a new development, the engine is based on the twelve-cylinder engine of the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari, has 456 kW ( 620 hp ) but less power. Thus, the 599 GTB was the second strongest behind the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari at its launch. The 599 GTB is continuing the tradition of front-engined V12 Ferrari sports car and has a drive in the Transaxle layout with the gearbox on the rear axle. The new traction control "F1 Trac " of the car has been developed in collaboration with Michael Schumacher. The 599 GTB is delivered either with a conventional 6- speed gearbox or with Ferrari " F1 Superfast " circuit, are performed with the switching processes in less than 0.1 seconds. The baffles at the C- pillar stabilize the carriage at high speeds, similar to a rear wing.

Optional extras are available including a carbon-ceramic brake system (since built 2009 standard ), various carbon inlays for the interior and a Becker navigation system with built-in car phone, which supports the SIM Access Profile, available.

The American entrepreneur and avid automobile collector Peter S. Kalikow settled in 2011 on the basis of a Ferrari 599 GTB a single piece with retractable roof make the Ferrari Superamerica 45

2012 10 Ferrari 599 GTB in Germany were registered, according to the Federal Motor Vehicle Office, of which seven vehicles. Holder by commercial


The presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2009 599XX is a race version of the 599 GTB. The car makes 537 kW ( 730 hp) at 9000 min -1 and weight is reduced by the use of body parts made of carbon fiber, special alloys in the engine block and a ceramic brake system. A new switching setup of the transmission allows gear changes in terms of up to 60 milliseconds. The body and the underbody are aerodynamically optimized so that a pressure of 280 kg at 200 km / h and 630 kg at 300 km / h will be developed. Furthermore, the car on 295/67-R19-Vorder- and a 315/71-R19-Hinterradbereifung moves to 11 * 19J rims front and rear 12 * 19J.

The Ferrari 599XX has called in the trunk of a novel system, Active flow. It is to fans which suck a part of the air flowing under the vehicle, even before reaching the diffuser. However, only the small part of the air flow, which is located just before the Abreißlimit sucked through a porous layer. Characterized because air turbulence can be prevented, the slope diffuser may now be more than the usual 7 °, without the air flow breaks off, so that a greater contact pressure is produced at the same air resistance. The aspirated air is discharged through the taillight dummies. To reduce turbulence when flowing, the air flow from piezo- controlled membranes is brought to a vibration of 800 Hz, which has a positive effect on the drag coefficient.

The price of the vehicle is over a million dollars and the small series is limited to 30 copies, which are delivered to selected customers.

In December 2011, Ferrari unveiled a package with technical improvements, the evolution package. In addition to many new aerodynamic elements, the power was increased by 20 to 750 hp at 9,000 rpm. In order for the lap time on the home track in Fiorano of 1 min 17 sec to 1 min 15 sec could be reduced.

599 GTO

On 8 April 2010 Ferrari presented the 599 GTO ( Gran Turismo Omologato ) a limited edition of 599 copies special edition of the 599, the 599 GTO is based on the 2009 Ferrari 599XX and is presented according to the company 's fastest road Ferrari ever. Its world premiere of the Ferrari at the Auto China 2010 in Beijing in late April.

Distinctive makes the 599 GTO, the highly perforated body. New front and rear spoiler and a new diffuser provide more downforce. The body of the GTO stands opposite the GTB above all by the additional vents. Around the wheel arches and on the hood to effectively dissipate the braking and engine heat this air intakes. From the 599XX also the automated F1 six-speed transmission has been adopted, which is to allow gear changes in just 60 milliseconds. The adaptive suspension relies on stronger stabilizers, shorter springs and an electronic network with the driving dynamics systems.

The car is equipped with a V12 engine, which draws from six liters capacity 493 kW ( 670 hp) and the super sports car by the manufacturer in 3.35 seconds from zero to 100 km / h speeds, and a top speed of more than 335 km / h to allow. The maximum torque is 620 Nm. Through the use of numerous lightweight components (thinner slices and thinner sheet aluminum ) reduces the curb weight of 1495 kg, giving a power to weight ratio of just 2.23 kg / hp. The average consumption of the classified according to Euro 5 engine gives Ferrari with 17.5 liters of premium gasoline, the CO2 emissions are at 411 g / km.

The so-called " Virtual Race Engineer " system (AER ) shows the driver all the important information on driving behavior in the cockpit.

2012 5 Ferrari 599 GTO were registered in Germany, according to the Federal Motor Vehicle Office, of which all vehicles. Holder by commercial

SA Aperta

Based on the 599 GTO, the SA Aperta Special Edition was unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The name of the equipped only with an emergency top roadster is a tribute to Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina, the founder of the design firm of the same name. To celebrate the 80th birthday of this company, the special edition was limited to 80 copies.

The technique differs little from that of the closed GTO; Only the chassis is increased. Due to the increased air resistance, which is due to the missing roof, but the speed limit 10 km / h is smaller, the acceleration to 100 km / h takes 0.25 seconds longer.



Ferrari announced the successor to the Ferrari 599 at the Ferrari F12berlinetta. The presentation of the cars took place on 29 February 2012, launch is 2013.


  • The Evo - Magazine named the 599 GTB for Car of the Year 2006.
  • The Top Gear Magazine named the 599 GTB for Supercar of the Year 2006.