Ferrari F2002

Michael Schumacher in the F2002

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The Ferrari F2002, or called by the media, Red Goddess, was the 35th Formula 1 racing cars of the Scuderia Ferrari. He participated in 15 of the 17 races in the Formula 1 2002 season part after. The season with last year's car, the F2001 was started In addition, the first four races of the Formula 1 season 2003 were driven with the F2002. With this Race Car Michael Schumacher defended his world title and Ferrari the constructors' championship.

  • 3.2.1 Start of the Season with problems

Paint and sponsorship

The F2002 was painted in the classic Ferrari red. The main sponsor was the Marlboro cigarette manufacturers. In addition, Shell, Vodafone and the tire supplier Bridgestone were represented as sponsors.


It has not changed anything on the driver duo Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello. Furthermore, neither of the two drivers was in a race replaced by another driver. Test drivers were Luca Badoer and Luciano Burti.

Course of the season


Delayed start to the season and team orders

After the season was started with the Ferrari F2001, F2002 had the his debut in Brazil. However, since only a chassis was ready, Rubens Barrichello still had to wait a Race to the European season in San Marino. Schumacher won the F2001 the opener in Australia and finished third in Malaysia. Barrichello difference in the first three races in the F2001 from always.

In the first three races in the new car was shown that the F2002 was a great car. Michael Schumacher won all three races and was after five races and already 21 points ahead of big favorite for the title. Barrichello also made ​​clear by a second place in San Marino, how strong was the Ferrari. However, at the start of the formation lap of the Grand Prix of Spain he came not into the aisles and he could not start the race.

In the next race in Austria, there was an uproar. After Barrichello was the whole race in the lead, came from the team just before closing the invitation to cede victory to Schumacher. Schumacher himself did not understand this decision, but team boss Jean Todt justified: " In the past we have lost three times in a row in the last race, the drivers' championship, and we know that we have strong opponents. Therefore, we need to get the most out of every situation. "

Way to the title

At the Grand Prix of Monaco tore the winning streak of Schumacher, he finished second. Barrichello drove a seventh one the worst result of the season. At the next race in Canada Juan Pablo Montoya nullified a double victory and was behind Schumacher in second. The next two races, however, were again double wins for Ferrari.

At the French Grand Prix Schumacher won a second time and thus secured six races to his fifth world title. It was the earliest World Cup decision until today. Barrichello did not occur in this race, as his Ferrari was not let down for the start of the formation lap the jack and a riding before the race start was not possible.

In the next race in Germany, the Scuderia Ferrari secured the 12 constructors' championships.

Dominance until the end

In the remaining five races Ferrari reached five double victories. Michael Schumacher was thus in every race on the podium. He raised both the record of wins in a season from nine to eleven, and the high score in one season from 123 to 144


Start to the season with problems

The first four races of the 2003 season, Ferrari drove with the F2002. The successful series could not be continued seamlessly and you only won one race. In Australia, a mistake Schumacher prevented a victory. In Brazil, both Ferrari drivers were not used in difficult weather conditions to the finish. A total of 32 points were achieved, which meant second place in the constructors' championship. Schumacher was in the driver standings to third place, Barrichello in fifth place.


1 Of the 221 achieved total this season points were obtained with the F2002 207 points. The remaining 14 points have been run with the F2001 at the beginning of the season. 2 Of the 158 achieved total this season points were obtained with the F2002 32 points. The remaining 126 points have been run with the F2003 - GA.

Whereabouts after the season

A copy of the F2002 can be seen in the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari today.