Ferrari F2003-GA

Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari F2003 - GA

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The Ferrari F2003 - GA was a Formula 1 racing car, which Scuderia Ferrari began during the 2003 Formula 1 season.


In previous years, the Formula 1 racing cars were given the Scuderia Ferrari followed by the year of the season in which the race car was used (Ferrari F2001, Ferrari F2002 ) as name occasionally an F. The use of car of the year 2003 also follows this naming, also still got a GA as an additive, in honor of the deceased on 24 January 2003 Giovanni Agnelli, who for decades the automobile manufacturer FIAT headed, to which also belongs to Ferrari.

Technology and success

The F2003 - GA was designed and developed as its predecessor by Rory Byrne and Ross Brawn. The car presented as an evolution of the previous car, which was victorious in 15 of 17 World Cup races. Compared to F2002 the wheelbase has been extended, also the engine and transmission were slightly revised.

The car was not used at the beginning of the 2003 season, as it had not been completely finished developing. The predecessor F2002 car was considered competitive enough to contest the 2003 beginning of the season. The start of the season proved to be more difficult than for Ferrari in previous years, the first victory was not until the fourth World Cup race in San Marino. It was also the last use of the F2002. For the next Grand Prix in Spain, the F2003 - GA was first used, and could immediately win the race. The further course of the season was more difficult than in previous years, in which Ferrari competition partly dominated at will for the otherwise successful Scuderia. This was mainly due to the superior in hot weather Michelin tires, which took advantage of the competition for the BMW Williams and McLaren Mercedes. Only with the end of the season Ferrari was able to make up ground with a new Bridgestone tires. In the drivers' world championship, especially Kimi Raikkonen was able to hold the World Cup long exciting. Michael Schumacher could successfully defend his title until the last World Cup race in Japan.


1 Of the 158 achieved total this season points were obtained with the F2002 32 points. The remaining 126 points have been run with the F2003 - GA.