Ferrari F2005

Rubens Barrichello in the Ferrari F2005 with the number 2; during qualifying for the U.S. Grand Prix 2005

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The Ferrari F2005 was a Formula 1 racing car, the Scuderia Ferrari in 2005 started in the Formula 1 World Championship.


The F2005 - Project number 656 - was a disappointing sporty design that could not build on the success of the towering F2004 for the Scuderia. Although the car was based on the previous model, however, was an extensive redesign, which was made necessary by the new technical regulations. The F2005 was extremely light - the weight limit of the 2005 season was 605 kg including the liquids and the respective driver. The curb weight of the car was to be moved without additional weights well below this limit, this was remarkable, because the regulations for safety stiffeners and reinforcements on the side pods of the monocoque made ​​it necessary. The radiators in the sidepods have been completely redeveloped. Also new were the aerodynamic aids on the side pods and engine cover.

The rear car was narrower than the F2004, which was on the smaller and lighter sequential racing gearbox especially. In this context, the car also needed a new floor and a new rear suspension of push rods and torsion bars.

The V10 engine was load-bearing and mounted longitudinally. The 055 engine was the most recent Ferrari 10-cylinder Formula 1 engine. An engine had to remain in the vehicle two race weekends; an engine failure before this deadline was punished with a setback of ten places on the grid. The F2005 had a performance- supporting rack-and- pinion steering and disc brakes all round carbon.

Racing history

The major shortcoming of the F2005 was the tire wear caused by the rear suspension and tire compounds from Bridgestone, which in 2005 used only by Ferrari, Jordan and Minardi. The FIA ​​had this year tire changes during the race - except the change from dry to wet tires - forbidden. Against the Michelin shod teams competing Scuderia was as good as chance. Except for one race - the Grand Prix of San Marino - suffered the two F2005 as good as always overheated and thus quickly wear tires. The two drivers, Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello, could oppose this phenomenon nothing.

His racing debut in the F2005 at the third race of the season, the Bahrain Grand Prix. The qualifying was held in 2005 as an individual time trial and distorted the true performance of the vehicles. Although Michael Schumacher was second in the race as a training, but had at the end of the race in fourth more than 50 seconds behind the winner Fernando Alonso in the Renault R25. At Imola, the third race of the season, everything seemed to turn out well. Of the nine places ( Barrichello ) and thirteen ( Schumacher ) going into the race the Ferrari from the mid-term of the distance were the fastest racing car on the slope. The F2005 was contrary to the special coating of the circuit. However, Michael Schumacher could not happen in the last third of the race despite apparently far faster cars leading Alonso to the end and was beaten by 0.215 seconds.

At the Grand Prix of Spain, the tire problems was clearly evident. Michael Schumacher had in the 48 round and had to give up a puncture and Rubens Barrichello had the goal is more than a lap behind the winner Kimi Raikkonen in the McLaren MP4 -20 and was only ninth. The driver had the choice to adapt the circumstances, the race pace and thus to be no chance or punctures to risk.

At the Canadian Grand Prix of the Scuderia came towards the rain-slicked pavement, as in rain wear problems did not occur with the tires. Behind Kimi Raikkonen drove Schumacher and Barrichello on the podium.

Also at the Grand Prix of the USA there were unusual circumstances which caused ultimately for the single race victory of the F2005. Michelin could not guarantee the safety of the tires, therefore all cars with Michelin tires was withdrawn after the formation lap of the respective teams. With only six racing cars at the start Schumacher won ahead of Barrichello and the Jordan drivers Tiago Monteiro.

Another victory was not possible with the F2005. Schumacher reached in Hungary still has a second rank; in the target but missing 35 seconds on the winner Kimi Raikkonen.

In the final results of the drivers' world championship Schumacher Placing third overall, his team -mate Rubens Barrichello was eighth. In the Constructors' World Championship of residue 91 points was on the winning team of Renault.


1of the total of 100 points scored this season were obtained with the F2004 10 points and 90 points with the F2005.