Ferrari F92A

The Ferrari F92A was a Formula 1 racing car, the Scuderia Ferrari in 1992 started in the Formula 1 World Championship.

With the Ferrari F92A resulted in its Formula 1 racing cars a new number system. Referring to the new V12 engine, the A1A -92, the car was given the typing 92A. The engine was lighter and more compact than previous models. The car was developed by Steve Nichols and the French aerodynamicist Jean -Claude Migeot. The F92A is best known for his two lower floors. When driving the air whirl between the actual subsoil and the underlying 15 cm above the cockpit floor was conducted. From there, the air flowed to both rear diffusers. What worked well in the wind tunnel became a problem on the road. Especially on undulating routes was difficult to control the car. Migeot also developed a new front end. Right and left two inlets were pulled so far forwardly that the air flowing past to the vehicle body and the rear under expressed by, without compromising the function of the rear blade.

In the summer, a new transmission was installed in the vehicle. The new engine, which was far more flexible than its predecessor, had made a seventh gear obsolete. The new 6-speed gearbox has been mounted transversely. Despite all the innovations of the F92A was a failure. After the departure of Alain Prost, who took a year off before going to Williams, the Italian Ivan Capelli joined the team. The Milan could not meet the expectations and was replaced before the end of the season by Nicola Larini test driver. Jean Alesi could enter two third places by car in Spain and Canada in overall terms was the season for the Scuderia but more than sobering. At the end of the year it was enough with 21 points for fourth place in the Constructors' title; However, with 143 points behind the winning Williams team.

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